Saturday, December 15, 2012

Imaginarios by Pedro Avila Gendis - Cuban Abstract Painter

El artista plastico cubano Pedro Avila Gendis acaba de publicar su segundo libro titulado "Imaginarios" el cual cubre sus mas ultimas creaciones. El libro contiene 72 paginas.
Book by Pedro Avila Gendis
72 Page Book which covers the artists latest works.
Pedro Avila Gendis is a Cuban abstractionist painter of rock-solid professional formation, with an abundant work and a highly-achieved esthetic proposal. However, its stance in the insular artistic scene is discreet, let alone unrecognized.

Pedro Avila Gendis’ painting could arouse a diversity of receptiveness. That’s how much suggestive and suggesting it really is. Dynamic in its traces, intense in its colors, the recipient of the soul of his temperamental restlessness.

Premio Oro: “Premio Targa d’Oro Citta di Gubbio 2010”-
5ª Ressegna Internazionale di Arte Pittorica

State of New Jersey:
Certificate of Appreciation ,by: Union City Art and Book Expo,
June 12, 2009 and December 11, 2009  

Premio Salon Nacional de Dibujo, Cuba 1992

Premio Salon de Dibujo, Cuba 1991

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