Sunday, March 18, 2012

Humberto Hernandez "El Negro" - Pinar Del Rio Painter

Hernandez, Humberto “El Negro” Born in Pinal Del Rio in 1958. To enjoy the rural landscapes of Humberto Hernández, better known as ‘El Negro,’ is an indescribable gift. To be witness to the passion, energy, and full-throttle vigor from which they emanate, is to become an admirer of his work. In his vision, influenced by his first gazes at art as a youngster, one will find virtuosity, originality, rebelliousness, and abandon. With authentic expressionism, Humberto immerses himself in the landscape to, in an irreverent way, make us participants in his seascapes, storms, his colourful paint, and the huts that give it life. His poetry is not based on showing us the surroundings per se, but on a new interpretation and assimilation of this magic and contemplative world of the Cuban countryside.

La Tormenta
Oil on Canvas
Coleccion Flores-Carbonell

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