Friday, March 9, 2012

The Flores- Carbonell Collection

The Flores-Carbonell Collection

Welcome to our collection. We hope your visit is pleasant. It's a great pleasure to present this selection of Cuban art in our collection, "The Flores-Carbonell Collection."

The Flores-Carbonell Collection was established in Miami in 2006 by Miguel Flores and Rudenz H. Carbonell. Since 2005, we began our appreciation for the richness and diversity of Cuban art after being exposed to the talents of artists from the Eastern part of Cuba on our visit to Santiago de Cuba. Partially because of political factors or due to travel restrictions, not much was known in the United States about the scene of contemporary Cuban art, or works of visual artists living and working in today's Cuba, but Cuban art has been flourishing in Europe, Latin America and elsewhere for a long time.

Our own collection of Cuban art shows a variety of artists, academics and self-taught, living in Cuba even though some have already moved abroad. Many of them are known internationally and exhibit regularly in European art galleries and others abroad. They include Jose Maria Mijares, Pedro Pablo Oliva, Zaida del Río, José Julián Aguilera, Luis Denis Gallardo CastroMiguel Angel Botalin Ramon Unzueta, Orlando Naranjo, Josevelio Abreau, Vicente Dopico-Lerner, Jose Maria Carbonell, Yendi Tomas Estrada Cancino and Roberto Fabelo, along with others.

While the topics are varied, most of these artists reflect aspects of the cultural context of the island and its heritage particularly exploring the symbols and metaphors related to the uniqueness of the Cuban geopolitical position. The complex history and current challenges make them very different in a variety of ways, each in their own style and using their very own visual language.  The collection makes a trip from the "vanguard" sophisticated / contemporary, surreal, to the primitive. Cuban artists whose works are featured here work with oils, acrylics, mixed media, and found objects on canvas, paper, or many other household materials.

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