Sunday, March 18, 2012

Camilo Garcia Gonzalez - Santiaguero Painter

Garcia Gonzalez, Camilo
Camilo was born January 17, 1985 in Santiago de Cuba. He currently works as an Independent Artist. On 2005 he graduated from Provincial Academy of Fine Arts "José Joaquín Tejada" in Santiago de Cuba.

His Past Exhibits include;
Student lounge "David". 2nd, 3rd and 4th year.
Hall 30 November: Universal Art Gallery. Years: 2005.2006, 2007.
Group exhibition. (A.H.S). Year 2006
Hall graduated from the CENCREM. Havana, Cuba. 2005
City Hall. Gallery East. 2006
Group exhibition, Museum Historic Cuban Environment. Santiago de Cuba. 2006.
Salon of Small Format. Santiago de Cuba. 2006.
Living Landscape. 2007.
Group exhibition, Museum of the Morro Castle. Santiago de Cuba. 2006, 2007.
Provincial Exhibition of Plastic Arts Instructors Elvira Cape Library. 2006.
Gallery Project A.H.S 2007. Santiago de Cuba
New Bridge Project. 2006. Santiago de Cuba
Religious Art Exhibition. 2006, 2007. Santiago de Cuba

Realidades y Fantasias
Oil On Canvas
Coleccion Flores-Carbonell

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