Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jose Julian Aguilera Vicente - "The Return of the Walker"

Written by: Reinaldo Cedeño Pineda
Santiago de Cuba, early August 24, 2010

Jose Julian Aguilera Vicente
Julian Jose Aguilera Vicente
"Heredia Baja" Oil
Carbonell Flores Collection

With intertextuality as a resource, there is a European Baroque style which faithfully exposes the essence of this movement: anatomy lesson, in this case subverting the characters and what is being studied to reflect equally aristocratic atmosphere high contrast between light and shadow to an artist from Santiago de Cuba, who this time offers landscape's lesson. Precisely with this work, we receive personal exhibit: “The Walker's Return” one of our greatest painters and printmakers, José Julián Aguilera Vicente, at the Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design (Universal Art Gallery). The works, which sum up the essence of the whole sample, is a majestic landscape lesson. The Walker's Return signals a clear retrospective of the artist, who invites us through 72 pieces to explore the issue that has occupied the mind of the teacher and the brush for almost half a century: the urban landscape, and in this case the representation the streets of the city of Santiago De Cuba, the motif of his creations. Precisely one of the values ​​of the work of Jose Julian Aguilera Vicente lies in the wisdom with which the artist speaks from his style. Many have reflected the heady beauty of the streets of Santiago and the Aguilera's father has left no doubt his mark in this regard. So enjoy, among other pieces as Calle de la Marina, Padre Pico, Butchery, Heredia Baja and San Francisco, which reflect a very colorful city, peaceful, bright and few, if any person, not to look for it as a city full of joy.

Jose Julian Aguilera Vicente

San Geronimo - 2009
Jose Julian Vicente Aguilera
Flores Carbonell Collection

However this is not the only issue that surfaces in his works, and it is part of the merit of this important collection of pieces by this artist, as well as its renowned landscape views find no less relevance in rural and Sierra Dawn, In the flowery field, and Sunset and Sugarcane fields which stand with his usual attachment to representational painting, the gorgeous and colorful of our fields. Likewise he also exposed his tributes to Fidelio Ponce (triptych) and Orozco and several self-portraits among which stands out the very landscape lessons.
Jose Julian Aguilera Vicente
Jose Julian Aguilera Vicente
Sugar Field Worker - Oil
Flores CarbonellCollection

In his career José Julián Aguilera Vicente has set the bar in terms of artistic creation is concerned. He has elaborated painting, sculpture, printmaking, graphic design and has also done interiror design. But his work has not only been that of artistic creation, has gone further, and although characterized as a fine artist has also been excellent in teaching, outstanding as professor at the Academy of Fine Arts José Joaquín Tejada Provincial Arts Academy, the IPE and Eastern University. He is also one of the leading figures of the group “Galeria”, which revolutionized the arts collective in Santiago during the 50s. Not surprisingly, the great esteem and consideration that has personality inside and outside the country, possessing so many distinctions that welcome his exalted task. Santiago natives are proud to have this great example of one of the pillars of the visual arts in the city. We thank and congratulate those responsible for the flow of images that today allows us to enjoy the return of the traveler.

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